Riding the Rugby World Cup Final Roller Coaster

It’s been a while since the All Blacks have won a Rugby World Cup, in case you hadn’t heard. In fact, it’s been a fair old while since they were even in the final. Not since 1995 in fact, when I was in high school. Long time ago. Although if you consider I was in primary school when they last won the thing, it doesn’t seem too long ago. Relatively speaking. Well, first thing’s first: much like you have to get the girl home before you can start seriously thinking about getting some action, you have to get to a final before you can walk off home with the William Webb Ellis trophy. Now the All Blacks had made it to the final, could they go on and win it? A lot of media commentators thought it was a done deal. France had not been especially impressive in the tournament thus far, whereas the All Blacks were undefeated and had beaten Australia convincingly in their semifinal. Read more >>

Forwards Provide Forward Progress for Minnows

Irish supporters will likely remember the pool play section of the 2011 Rugby World Cup for their hard fought victory over Australia. Although I suspect those that were actually there probably remember very little of the day itself. Read more >>

  1. The Alligator

    Who would slam the door in the face of a 7'6" Mormon?

    3rd November 2011 at 1:03 am
  2. The Alligator

    Money may make the rugby world go round but it doesn't make Desiree's world go round, she's reaching out for a higher ground.

    2nd November 2011 at 11:22 pm