RWC 2011: Fact, Myth, Urban Legend, Red Herring or Total BS?

We all have a mate or even mates who when holding court at the pub or other social situations tends to not let the truth get in the way of a good story. Most of the time you just run with it but occasionally someone will get sufficiently aggrieved to call “bullshit” on the mate’s generally self-aggrandising fairytale. The Rugby World Cup (RWC) in New Zealand (NZ) has generated many outstanding moments, memories and indeed rugby matches, however, not everyone has been enamoured with the prospect of a RWC in NZ and many have made their thoughts known. Much like when someone is holding court at the pub, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to tell what might be an unlikely-sounding truth, an exaggeration or hyperbole, or total bollocks when it comes to RWC 2011. So while I cannot weigh in on whether your mate really did nail the hot girl with the massive cans from accounts at his company party or whether he just got in a cheeky grope as he helped her into a cab, I have looked into a few of the previously accepted truths regarding the RWC to discover what is fact, myth, urban legend, red herring or out and out bullshit. In my opinion at least. Read more >>