Six Nations 2012: Deadliest Match

It is one of the great northern hemisphere winter spectacles, the Bering Sea crab fishing season. But the Six Nations isn’t so bad either. Both certainly require guts, stamina and mental strength, not to mention no shortage of skill. And both often play out in pretty awful weather conditions, although mercifully, the rubber-headed mallets don’t have to be broken out to knock the frozen sea spray and ice off the stadiums to ensure the teams can go out and play the Six Nations. Read more >>

Six Nations 2012: Deadliest Match continued

Italy – Seabrooke

Every year I pull for the Italians to do well because invariably they are the underdogs. Their doing well also means that there is another country moving to challenge those feasting at international rugby’s top table like, somewhat ironically, the Romans feasted during their opulent banquets many years ago. However, every year it seems like they continue to improve, but unfortunately for them, everyone else does as well.