(Plastic) Brits More Poachers Than Gamekeepers

When learning of Tana Umaga’s selection in the All Blacks in 1997, the New Zealand (NZ) newspapers reported that then-England coach Jack Rowell’s comment was along the lines of: “Umaga?! They should check passports not studs before test matches.” Instead of being chastised for his at best ill-advised, at worst racist comments, I expect most in the English rugby fraternity (certainly those in the media at least) nodded in agreement at their coach’s noble moral stand. Interesting that Rowell thought it fair enough to pick a couple of chaps by the names of Victor Ubogu (born 8/9/64 in Nigeria) and Steve Ojomoh (born 25/5/70 in Nigeria) in his England team but found it repugnant that NZ might dare to select Jonathan Falefasa Umaga, born Lower Hutt, NZ 27/5/73. But hey, what’s life without a bit of double standards? Besides, I’m sure if asked, Rowell would have reassured us “that’s different”. Of course it is. Read more >>