Will ARU Take Back Cheating Quade?

Super 15 is now finally back underway and Quade Cooper is in the number 10 jersey for the Queensland Reds. Business as usual then. Well, for now maybe. Whilst his re-signing with the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) and the continuation of his Reds career seems like a happy marriage at the moment, he is a bit like a cheating husband who has reconciled with his wife. Yes, they’ve “moved on” and “put things behind them” and it all seems fine and looks like happy families on the surface, but the moment Cooper gets into trouble off the field, or he doesn’t get selected for the Wallabies or disagrees with the team’s tactics, what is going to happen? Like if the apparently reformed cheating husband ends up working late a few times, or stays out a little late with his mates, inevitably all the previous grievances and missteps are going to come erupting back into view again. Bearing in mind, Quade Cooper isn’t just a ‘regular’ cheating husband in this respect, he’s like Dr. Michael Mancini of Melrose Place fame. So at the very least, the media is going to be picking at the scab for any signs of disharmony: The ARU will essentially be screaming at Cooper, “if you’re so unhappy, why don’t you go back to your wh*re?!” And he’ll respond by yelling something like: “If you weren’t so cold and sexually inhibited, I wouldn’t be driven to her to satisfy my needs!” A door will be slammed: “Your needs!? What about my needs?! All I want is some attention!”