Too Much Red Tube For Black Caps

The internet has brought us many gifts for which we should all be thankful. The chance to connect with long lost friends via Facebook, the ability to skive off every once in a while and tell the boss we’re “working from home”, being able to download music, movies and TV shows for free, and most notably, with access to a seemingly endless galaxy of porn; much of it available for free.

Can the Black Caps Go From D-List Hussies to A-List Swordsmen?

Now, let the slaughter begin!

Or so I thought. The Black Caps competed well against England in the recent Twenty20 and one day series in New Zealand (NZ), which was somewhat expected, especially given their great victory in the one day series in South Africa and because they were playing at home. But once the tests began, all bets were off. The Black Caps were then supposed to take the form of Mike Catt, with England playing the Jonah Lomu role and steamrolling straight over top of the Kiwis. However, the Black Caps competed well throughout the test series and were unlucky not to win the third test in Auckland, a most unexpected turn of events, because frankly, NZ are now the D-list celebrity lasses of international cricket; capable of the odd, high profile conquest, but ultimately the easy scores of the big stars of the game.