Live Your Super Rugby Fantasy

While celebrities may hate them, due to their every public faux pas being sent around the world within minutes of them falling out of a taxi or playing grabby hands with some floozy in a bar, one of the great advantages of smart phones being such an omnipresent part of modern society is that any bet or statement or brag can be verified, or disproved, almost instantaneously. Isn’t it one of the greatest feelings in life to call the braggart on his outrageous and self-aggrandising claim in front of a crowd?

Fantasy sports offers us that very opportunity. To some degree, you can almost show up the guys whose job it is to coach your favourite team, or teams.

Fantasy sports, especially baseball, (American) football and basketball is big business in the US especially, cementing friendships and destroying marriages all over the land of the free, and home of the brave.

Six Nations 2014: Bay-Watch Out for Wales

One of the most famous theme songs in the history of television begins: “Some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light.” I assume it is supposed to be poetic or inspirational or something, which seems slightly at odds with the show it introduced. Great viewing though it was, “Baywatch” was hardly televisual poetry. Tits and arse, and rippled abs in a minimal amount of clothing was the secret of the show’s success.

The Six Nations also features lots of rippling muscles, but mercifully more extensively attired. But who will step into the light in the Six Nations in 2014, and who will remain skulking in the dark? And what will be the secret to their success?