Kick-Start Your Super Rugby Fantasy Season

Fantasy sports can be a cruel mistress indeed. About a week ago, I was the reigning Fantasy Rugby Draft champion in my league, and the number one and two seed respectively heading into the playoffs in the two NFL fantasy leagues I play in. There was an outside chance I could be a three-time, two-sport fantasy champion. The Deion Sanders or Sonny Bill Williams of fantasy sports, if you will. Has that ever even been done before?

Well, probably. But still, it would have been a crowning achievement in a life thus far sadly devoid of them. Now, after a dismal weekend of performances from my two NFL fantasy teams, I’ve been knocked out of one league and survived by the skin of my teeth in the other. That’s the thing with fantasy, it’s kind of like Michael Corleone in The Godfather series: “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”. Just when you think you have fantasy sports sorted, Green Bay Packers’ superstar quarterback and prohibitive NFL MVP favourite Aaron Rodgers lays an egg against the Buffalo Bills of all teams, and you realise you really know very little indeed. Or at least, you can plan and make all the most rational and reasoned decisions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean victory.