Super Rugby 2016: Play out your fantasy

In many respects, it’s the best day of the year for players of fantasy sports: Draft day. Not to be confused with the mediocre movie starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner as his improbable love interest (the absolute train wreck of a situation in the Cleveland Browns front office that is portrayed in the movie seems very true to life however). You see, on your fantasy league’s draft day, anything is possible. You can potentially have a blinder of a draft and run away with your league, or you could order the meatloaf and be screwed right from word go. Or you might absolutely crush the draft, but then all your players end up getting injured and you end up sucking anyway. The point is, anything is possible, and that’s exciting. It’s like the one good shot in an otherwise appalling round of golf; it keeps you coming back for more. Read more >>